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Parfum Le Jour Tester 2 ml
6.90 EUR
Parfum Le Jour Tester 2 ml
Content: 2 ml
Price per litre: 3.450,00 EUR

Try the amazing Parfum Le Jour from TOF Paris, a fresh and refined fragrance that conjures up the good life: sun, friends and fun.

Upholding the traditions of fine French perfumery, Le Jour gathers enticing ingredients that remind of fresh spices, bright wood and amber notes.

Take this pocket tester everyhere with you to smell incredible throughout the day!

Product details:
✓ Tester edition
✓ Fresh and refined fragrance
✓ Fresh spices, bright wood and amber notes
✓ Designed by 3 reputed Parisian perfurmers
✓ Proudly designed and made in France