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Underwear - men

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TOF Paris - Deri Harness - Black
The black Deri Harness by TOF Paris is the perfect accessory for clubbing, made with ultra sexy material that looks l...

   S, M, L

  24.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Deri Harness - Black' order

TOF Paris - Fetish Jockstrap - Black/blue
With the black and blue Fetish Jockstrap by TOF Paris, you'll get the perfect look and be ahead of the curve at your ...

   S, M, L, XL

  24.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Fetish Jockstrap - Black/blue' order

TOF Paris - Mesh Shoulder Harness - Black
With the Mesh Shoulder Harness from TOF Paris, experience a very stylish garment that showcases your chest and your m...


  22.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Mesh Shoulder Harness - Black' order

TOF Paris - Fetish Bottomless Boxer - Black/White
The Fetish Bottomless Boxer are super sexy and well-formed to accentuate your forms and bring out your buttocks for e...

   S, M, XL

  38.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Fetish Bottomless Boxer - Black/White' order

TOF Paris - Open Shoulder Harness - Black
The Shoulder Harness Open by TOF Paris is a great looking single harness for your shoulder that showcases your muscle...

   S/M, L/XL

  38.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Open Shoulder Harness - Black' order

TOF Paris - Deri Boxer - Black
The black Deri Boxers by TOF Paris are like a second skin, light, soft, form-fitting and incredibly sexy!

   S, M, L, XL

  34.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Deri Boxer - Black' order

TOF Paris - Fetish Boxer - Black
The black Fetish Boxer by TOF Paris give you the sexy black look of wet leather and its tight-forming and soft material.

   S, M, L, XL

  36.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Fetish Boxer - Black' order

TOF Paris - Fetish Singlet - Black
Be prepared to be at the center of attention with the black Fetish Singlet from TOF Paris, a sexy and bulge-showing s...

   S, M, L, XL

  48.90 EUR
  1 x 'TOF Paris - Fetish Singlet - Black' order