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Poppers Amulet - Stainless Steel Inhaler with Chain
19.90 EUR
Poppers Amulet - Stainless Steel Inhaler with Chain

Enjoy your poppers on the go and around your neck without having to take the bottle everyhere with you : just stuff a cotton stick or something that can soak up liquid and drop in a bit of your favorite poppers, you'll be ready for fun sessions at the club, at the pride or while cruising!

Be ready for new and exciting adventures as you always have your favorite poppers with you, always ready for maximum stimulation, wherever you are! It has a classy and long metal chain to be worn around your neck and look inconspicuous like any other necklace. Unscrew the top part to find inside the two shells. In the smaller one, you can fit some absorbing material like cotton, paper towel or the head of a cotton bud, and add a few drops of poppers on top of it, you're ready for amazing whiffs and great sensations!

How to use your Poppers Amulet:
1. Unscrew the inhaler, splitting its two inner parts
2. Insert an absorbing material like cotton or paper tower in the smaller shell
3. Add a few drops of your favorite poppers directly on the absorbing pad
4. Screw everything back together
5. Open up when you need a whiff and enjoy!

Length: approx. 5.5 cm
Chain length: approx. 36 cm
Diameter: approx. 1.6 cm
Material: stainless steel
Color: silver

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