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Push Energy Balls - Double Fat Donut Stretcher
16.90 EUR 4.90 EUR
Push Energy Balls - Double Fat Donut Stretcher
The Double Fat Donut Stretcher from Push Energy Balls enhances your pleasure by stimulating either your erection or your testicles! Double ring = double stimulation = double pleasure!

The squeezing action will control your blood flow and keep the blood right where you need it most by making your erection harder and improving the sensitivity of your testicles by pulling them down slightly. Not only will you have a bigger penis, but your sensations will be better and your orgasm delayed as well!

The smooth TPR elastic material is super strong and always returns to its original shape even when stretched. After use, special sextoys cleaner or hot water and soap can be used to clean it thoroughly. All lubricants are compatible with the Double Fat Donut Stretcher.

Product details:
✓ enhances erection and sensations
✓ especially elastic
✓ easy to put on
✓ creates a big bump in your trousers
✓ compatible with all common lubricants
✓ quick and easy cleaning

Inner diameter: approx. 1.6 cm
Outer diameter: approx. 5.3 cm
Thickness: approx. 1.8 cm
Weight: approx. 60 g
Material: TPR
Color: black

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